Youth Ministry

At Saxton, our youth are involved in many Ministries such as
  • Nursing Home
  • The Special Needs Christmas Dinner
  • Street Preaching
  • Parade Ministry
  • and more!
They also get to travel to different states to other bible-believing churches and youth camps to worship and learn the bible with other youths around the country. It is a time for them to see that they are not alone in their beliefs nor their stand for what is right. While there, they are ministered to and encouraged to contend for the faith and to continue to grow, while also having fun and creating friendships that are meaningful and supportive.
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Saxton Choir😃
Saxton Choir😃

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face painting

Youth Camp at Liberty Baptist Church in North Carolina
Saxton Youth Choir
Jesus What A Wonderful Name
I Choose The Lord
He's Still In The Fire
There Is Hope
As Small As I Am
He's Living Again
Welcome Home